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Remote Nuclear Craft Fission reactor controller program

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Might have errors if so please comment them

I might make a gui for it

For this, you will need a linked card, tier 3, tier 2 tablet case

Step 1 Place a tier 3 computer case

step 2 set up the computer 

step 3 put a linked card and internet card in it

step 4 connect the computer to fission controller

step 5 type pastebin get FByuRNGd server.lua

step 6 type server.lua or do edit /autorun.lua then type os.execute("/home/server.lua")

Now for setting up the tablet

get an assembler place a tier 2 tablet case in assembler

put a linked card and internet card in it

setup tablet

type pastebin get GbQjG7nY reactor.lua

then type reactor.lua or type edit /autorun.lua then type os.execute("/home/reactor.lua")


-- To do


Add a safety measure to stop meltdowns

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