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I'm pretty sure I corrupted my installation of OPENOS, how do i wipe my disk drive and reinstall it?
I tried "del OpenOS" since it was listed on df but it says "no such file/directory exists"

So i went to google and tried to get the full commands list, and apparently "RM" wasn't listed in /bin???
so I removed some directories, but then the system forced itself into "read-only" mode and prompted me to install again

attached screenshot is my current directory when "df" command is used


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That's easy! Just take the hard disk in your hand and throw it against the ground shift-right click it. You will see the GUI which will allow you to wipe your disk.

Also, you can run the command rm / -r , which will wipe all the files on all mounted writeable file storages. This goes without saying - be careful with this command.

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