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  1. That's easy! Just take the hard disk in your hand and throw it against the ground shift-right click it. You will see the GUI which will allow you to wipe your disk. Also, you can run the command rm / -r , which will wipe all the files on all mounted writeable file storages. This goes without saying - be careful with this command.
  2. I know this question is 2 years old, but still, if anyone else gets the same problem (and since the wiki says almost nothing about it), hopefully this will be helpful. The reason is obstructions. When sending a wireless message, OC checks a random line in a 3x3 tunnel between the source and destination. It then takes a few (inverse root of the gap) random coordinates inside that line and checks if there's a block there, summing their hardness. Then it spreads that hardness evenly across the entire distance, sums it, and subtracts that sum from the signal's strength. For example, say
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