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[READ ME] Guidelines for Requests


Subject to change. Last edited on the 22nd of August, 2014


1. Be clear and concise as possible.

  -> Make your request clear. Provide what the function of the program must be and how it operates

  -> Eg. Simple redstone switch. Works by clicking a button nearby also connected by redstone or clicking an area on a screen


2. Use reasonable deadlines with reservations.

  -> Make sure that if you place a deadline it is fair and place a reserve (second) deadline. Not all of us are super computers dedicated to creating your programs, sorry.


3. Do not expect perfectness.

  -> As long as the program made meets the description you provided, do not complain.


4. Expect your program to be rejected.

  -> If the idea is too similar to an already existing program or it doesn't seem like a good idea the idea might be rejected.

  -> Read the message that is left with the rejected message to see what you could/need to improve in the next request you make.

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