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[WIP] NetCoin, a fully working cryptocurrency made for OpenComputers

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What's Netcoin?
NetCoin is a cryptocurrency designed for OpenComputers, a Minecraft mod that adds computers in the game. It follows Bitcoin's original philosophy: a completely decentralized network of nodes, each one maintaining a ledger with everyone's transactions, grouped into blocks that miners need to create solving the proof-of-work (PoW).

What's the crypto behind it?
It uses Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) to sign transactions and SHA-256 as a PoW. Cryptographic functions are not implemented by software, but OpenComputers provides a component (Data Card) that provides an API to run these functions. That makes cryptography extremely efficient, since it runs directly on Java Code and not by the Lua VM.

Protocol details? Block time? Transaction fees?
Block time is about 5 minutes; this is a trade-off between transaction speed (who wants to wait 30 minutes for that NTC payment to be confirmed in order to receive those 3 diamonds?) and space (computers have a limited disk space, so blockchain shouldn't grow too fast).
NetCoin is a deflationary currency, meaning that block rewards are cut in half every 5000 blocks. There will be a point where miner's only incentive will be transaction fees. This feature hasn't been implemented yet, but it is planned on the future.

I want to run this crypto!
Great! Use wget or pastebin command from OpenOS with an Internet Card to download the code into one of your computers. Once you have it, you can transfer it in-game via floppy disks to as many computers as wou want. You will need:
- A Data Card for using cryptography
- 3-4 raids full of Tier 3 Hard Drives (4MB) to store the blockchain
- Minimum 4MB of RAM
Run a node. It will automatically set up a wallet for you generating a public/private keypair. You will want to share your pubkey stored in wallet.pk, this is your official NetCoin address in which you will receive money. NEVER SHARE YOUR SECRET KEY STORED IN WALLET.SK! You will need to provide at least one node IP address (modem address) for it to connect to the network. It will automatically synchronize with the rest of the network: blocks, other nodes known...
To be a miner, you need a node and enable "isMiner" variable. Then you need a mining controller computer connected to the node. Finally, you will connect all your mining computers to the controller, and use "mine" command on the node. You're mining now!


The full code can be found on https://github.com/Juanan7676/netcoin. This is a work in progress project, bugs and security issues are very common, use with caution!



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