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filesystem.list() function help


I want to get an array of all the files under a certain directory, but I don't know how to use this function as there isn't really much explanation on the internet about the specifics of implementing this into code. I don't really know what I'm supposed to do to get the information out of this so called "function value". I was hoping someone could tell me how to use this to list the directories into an and maybe give an example code.

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local function list_files(dir)
  local files = {}
  for path, err in filesystem.list(dir) do
    assert(path, err)
    if not filesystem.isDirectory(path) then
      table.insert(files, path)
  return files

-- # use
local files = list_files '/home'
-- # example result
-- {
--	'test.lua',
--	'poop.cfg'
-- }


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Your code worked when I ran a small test program with it thanks, but sadly I can't put it in my main program yet. I don't think it's your code's doing, but when I run my program, I get a blue screen for "Unrecoverable Error. bad argument #2 (number expected, got number)" Would you happen to know what would cause that confusing error?


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