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Unexpected symbol near '<':


So, I wrote a program a while ago for opencomputers that manages a nuclearcraft reactor using various functions. It works wonderfully well on my computer. Recently someone else downloaded it and is now trying to use it on their computer, but when they try to run it they get an error: "/lib/process.lua:52: /home/nreactorguistart.lua:7: unexpected symbol near '<':" Now, I've been programming for quite a while, but this specific error doesn't make any sense to me. The script that I wrote in which this error is referring to is only 4 lines of actual code (lines 10-13) with the first portion (lines 1-9) of the script containing a block comment using --[[ comment ]]--. Here is a link to the code that I'm referring to: https://github.com/IceWolf777/Nuclearcraft-Reactor-UI-ControlPanel/blob/master/Nuclearcraft Reactor UI Control Panel/home/nReactorGUIStart.lua here is a link to the reddit post in while this gentleman is getting the error. If anyone could help me out with this error, I would greatly appreciate it.



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