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OpenComputers v1.3.2

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Version 1.3.2 is out.

As always, remember to make a backup of your world before updating.

WARNING: when updating from MC 1.7.2 to MC 1.7.10, you may have to load your world in OC 1.3.1 + MC 1.7.10 at least once before updating to OC 1.3.2, to avoid losing blocks / items!


Download for MC1.6.4

Download for MC1.7.10

  • Added: motion sensor block.
  • Added: tractor beam upgrade.
  • Added: made floppies dyable by popular demand (craft them with a dye).
  • Added: unicode font renderer (thanks asie for providing the Unifont parser).
  • Added: switches / access points can now be upgraded (check their new GUI, thanks Kilobyte).
  • Added: direct support for Mekanism's power system.
  • Added: creative tier servers.
  • Fixed: behavior of a lot of blocks in 'timeless' worlds (e.g. doDaylightCycle=false). Also made computers now work in these, which means they behave differently on `/time set`s now (their uptime won't change anymore).
  • Fixed: tons of stuff in the LuaJ fallback (thanks gamax92).
  • Fixed: a bug where server racks consumed excessive amounts of IC2 energy.
  • Fixed: robots duplicating network messages.
  • Fixed: some visual glitches in GUIs.
  • Fixed: floppy sounds not playing for loot disks.
  • Fixed: a couple more potential crashes and minor stuff.
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