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Compact Machines 3 + Extra Cells 2 Autocrafting

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Originally, I thought to not make this program public, as I thought it wasn't too exciting. I then thought about how long it took for me to create the program, and how I don't want anyone else to take so long for such a menial task. These programs are meant to autocraft the Compact Machines 3 items, and can be used manually, wirelessly, and co-operates with the ME Upgrade from Extra Cells 2, and uses your ME System to request and store items. This is my first program, so expect to see errors and whatnot.

I've created a google doc below for patch notes and pastebins.



Planned features include:

  • Polished wireless UI
  • Functionality without Extra Cells 2

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I've done something similar in the past without EC2, the robot takes its stuff from chests/drawers. Also any Structure is possible when defined in /usr/lib/ccRecipes.lua


Setup should look like this https://imgur.com/a/YG0wWdm

The movement of the robot can be optimized, but for me it never did matter as i just set it to craft a certain amount of machines so that im set

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