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OC 1.7.4 Released!

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OpenComputers version 1.7.4 has been released for MC Versions 1.7.10, 1.10.2, 1.11.2 & 1.12.2


As always, remember to make a backup of your world.

Got an issue? Post it on the GitHub Issue Tracker or the support section of the forums.

Download on Curse.

New Features/Support

  • Misc: when powering on, drones may fly a bit higher
    • will fly a above their starting block to get above nonfull blocks (such as chests)
  • Misc: more robot names
  • Misc: robot/drone swing respects harvestability of block vs tool
  • Fixed: zero sized files (bufferChanges failing to do its job)
  • Fixed: client crash when using remote terminal out of range
  • Fixed: inventory controllers now honor specified target slot
  • Fixed: T1 wireless cards now properly ignore wired messages
  • Fixed: waila integration by checking for nulls with relay block
  • Fixed: practical logisitics integration by not passing null for EnumFacing
  • Fixed: locking items in hotbar when gui is open
  • Fixed: some container names localized

OpenOS fixes/improvements

  • Fixed: fixed event timing issues when pulling smaller timeouts than a current timer
  • Added: tty handles '\v' code to move cursor down one line
  • Misc: some openos cleanup
  • Misc: more memory savings
  • Misc: slightly faster boot up times

List of contributors

payonel, Wilma456
Anar Abdullayev, TheCodex6824

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