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Web Server and Browser Program

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This program enables you to make servers useful like IRL web servers.

Client Minimum requirements


network card

internet card


Server Minimum Requirements;

Wireless network card 

Configured serverside program


Put your paste code in the server program or else it will say Hello.

I did this cause nobody else had and I thought it would be useful

Server paste code: B7b27pc2

Browser paste code: vkL422Sz

I am new to OC and this is my first program


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14 hours ago, SKM GEEK said:

Hey. I just installed the server and browser programs, but when i run the server program the computer freezes, and when i request an ip from the browser, it freezes too. Am i doing something wrong?

The server freezing is completly normal. I have no idea what's wrong with the browser you NEED an internet card AND wifi card to browse and host servers A screenshot would be helpful, and specs of server and browsing pc.

Edit: internet card not nessecary for server. You have to put the code after the / from the pastebin website into the server program to replace the last argument from the third to last line

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