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  1. PcStack

    Offical OC server

    Is there such thing as an offical OC server? and if so, what is the ip adress of the server?
  2. This program enables you to make servers useful like IRL web servers. Client Minimum requirements relay network card internet card apu Server Minimum Requirements; Wireless network card Configured serverside program Put your paste code in the server program or else it will say Hello. I did this cause nobody else had and I thought it would be useful Server paste code: B7b27pc2 Browser paste code: vkL422Sz I am new to OC and this is my first program
  3. I also need help doing it with a wireless modem message for a browser program... and pastebin run here is my code; component = require("component") modem = component.modem event = require("event") print("Connent to which IP?") ip = io.read("*n") modem.open(ip) modem.broadcast(ip, "packets") local _, _, from, port, _, message = event.pull("modem_message") message = tostring(i) local command = table.concat({"pastebin run message"}) os.execute(command)
  4. I need help with using variables as codes for pastebin as I am making a browser program, what I am asking is how do I use a variable in the os.execute pastebin thing? please help I just switched over from CC
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