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#OC Channel Rules

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1. No unauthorised bots, we have enough as is. Currently allowed bots are; MichiBot, ocdoc, and Corded.
- Unauthorised bots will be kicked on join, if the bot continues to rejoin then the IP will fall under the penalties of Rule 3
- Note, if you have "bot" in your nick and you are not a bot (for example, if your nick is BotheredNoob) please contact either myself or Sangar to add an exclusion for you!

2. No spamming. This includes but not limited to; excessive repetition, nick changes or abusing bot commands.
- If you make a bot spam, YOU will be held responsible, not the bot. 
2a. No making any bots spam or abusing their command.
- The penalty for this offence:
  - First offence:   48-hour ban from the channel
  - Second offence:  You will be denied access to all bots in the channel
  - Third offence: Same as normal 3rd offence (perma ban)
3. Have courtesy to others in the channel.
3a. No hate speech. This includes but is not limited to; racism, sexism, LGBTQIA+-phobia, etc.

4. Try to keep profanity to a minimum and the topics around PG-13.

4a. With regards as to NSFW content in the official OC Communication Channels (Read: The Discord, IRC channel, Forums, etc), the Admin team has this to say on the matter:


You are free to make your own channels/servers and distribute invites to other potential members outside of the official OC channels (Discord, IRC channel) however you are not permitted to distribute said links or any NSFW content within the main communication channels. We reserve the right to remove any material that we deem inappropriate and will also kick/ban members should they continue to post the aforementioned content after receiving a warning. 

Mild-NSFW content will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and punishment is up to the discretion of the Mod/Admin.


5. No spam links or links to malicious/pirated software. We don't want it and the latter is actually against EsperNet's ToS. Light discussion about said topics is fine so long as you do not distribute pirated content.
5a. Follow EsperNet's ToS. You can read them here. Since the OC Channel is on their network you need to follow them when talking in it.

6. No harassing members of the channel for private information. If they want to share it with you then it is up to them.

7. No impersonating, we must know who is who, therefore, do not pretend to be anyone else or use another person's nickname.
8. No long-ass nicks: if your nick is longer than 16 characters then please shorten it before speaking. It's incredibly annoying, especially on mobile as nicks over 16 characters may wrap over to multiple lines.
9. No ban / punishment evading. If you are quietened or banned, don't try and evade it. Each evade gets you the next penalty up. This includes joining on the other platform if you were banned.

10. No whining about the rules. If you feel something is hard to understand or needs altering then talk to either a channel OP or myself (Lizzian/Lizzy) in a respectable manner and we shall consider it.
11. The channel ops/moderators have the last say. If an op/moderator tells you to stop doing something, you do so!

12. No advertising without permission from a Channel OP or Discord Mod / Admin.
InGame IRC client bits:
You are welcome to join in-game IRC clients to this channel providing you adhere to the following: No death/join messages, no spamming and only one user per connection/nick (please notify us beforehand if you have multiple people with separate clients joining the channel from the same host). 
General penalties:
- First Offence:   24-hour ban
- Second Offence:  7-day ban
- Third Offence:   Permanent ban from the channel (and other connected services, like discord)
Current Moderators are: Kodos, Gamax, Vexatos, Payonel & Forecaster
If you feel you have been wrongly punished for something then please contact a channel OP (Sangar, Michiyo or myself).

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