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OpenComputers v1.3.0 Beta 1

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The first beta release of version 1.3 is now available. It's been tested by a few people already, bringing it to the point where I feel relatively comfortable with releasing it to a larger audience. Do keep in mind that this is a pre-release. It may crash your computers and wreck your worlds. It may kill your pigs and eat your kittens. You have been warned.

More than with normal releases, I have to stress that you really should make a backup of your world before updating, if it means anything to you.

Also, expect incompatibilities with other mods for a while. There have been a few API changes, meaning it will take some time for other modders using the API to update to OC 1.3's API.

There have been a lot of changes, some of which are breaking - most notably, computers no longer have a ROM. This means to boot a computer you will now need a disk drive and an OpenOS floppy disk. You can then install OpenOS onto a hard drive, if you wish (using the `install` program), so you are not dependent on the disk drive after that. This change was discussed a lot, and the conclusion was that it is worth it in the long run, since it allows for much more customization (user written OSes, mostly).

Another big change is the way robots are built now. They are no longer crafted as before, instead they are assembled in the new Robot Assembler block. This allows constructing much more specialized robots - you can even build them 'headless' (without a screen and keyboard) if you like! Note that existing robots will be converted to the new system, using a configuration that's equivalent to their old functionality.

If you made some mistake, you can take your robots apart using the new Disassembler block - just beware that there's a small chance of items getting lost in the process, so you might not get back everything you put in. That block can also uncraft most other items in OC, so you can re-use materials from that old tier one memory stick you have lying around and no longer need.

There are a number of other changes, but these two are the major ones. Two other breaking changes are that Navigation Upgrades have to be re-crafted, and that the Hologram Projector's API has changed. Other than that there have been a bunch of minor tweaks and fixes, some more, some less noticeable.

I'd like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who contributed to this version, either via suggestions or via code. In particular I have to thank evg-zhabotinsky for the much improved hologram rendering code. Holograms should have far less of an impact on framerate now.

Pretty much everything needs testing, but I'd appreciate some focused attention on the following:

  • Recipes. All of them.
  • Navigation upgrade (note: you will have to re-craft existing ones!)
  • Mouse input, text input, text output, saving, loading of Terminals, Screens and Robots. Text display in moving robots.
  • The Robot Assembler and the Disassembler.
  • Energy in robots (saved, loaded, broken, placed, with and without battery upgrades).
  • The new blocks and items in general.
Please report any bugs over on Github. If you have questions / something isn't working as expected, drop by the IRC or ask here. Thank you!


Download for MC1.6.4

Download for MC1.7.2

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it seems to me, remove /rom was a good idea. Adds credibility. Also by default, I remove the folder /tmp. RAM modules I always distributed on 64 128 256 512 1024 ... Why not make it as a basis?
OS on a floppy disk it really adds some interest .. And I would ask, making competition for the best OS among users, and the best added to the mod.
Overall, I really like the prospect of this mod. I see it more of a future than the CC and RPC.
P.S. Expect to add printers, scanners (for books and sheets), cooling systems for computers..
with respect Russian
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Glad you like it. As for the memory size changes, this has been necessary because a lot of loading was moved out of the kernel and into the init.lua, so I can't "cheat" anymore, but have to stick to the actual memory-use instead. And bumping the max size isn't something I wanted to do, so the sizes got... compressed a bit.

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