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OC 1.7.1 released!

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OpenComputers version 1.7.1 has been released for MC 1.12.2, 1.11.2, 1.10.2 & 1.7.10


As always, remember to make a backup of your world.

Got an issue? Post it on the GitHub Issue Tracker or the support section of the forums.

Download on Curse.


New Features/Support

  • Changed: Diamond Chip recipe
    • You now require cutting wire to cut the diamond.
  • Added: ExtraCells and Mekanism integration (DrummerMC) [1.10.2]
  • Added: ComputerCraft support is back [1.12.2]
  • Fixed: Accessing disk drives and other containers in Tablets [1.11.2]
  • Fixed: Putting items into Database Upgrades [1.11.2]
  • Fixed: IC2-Classic mod incompatibility
  • Added: Allow getting yaw of player through tablet component (ChristoCoder)
  • Fixed: Microcontroller interactions with EnderIO item conduits
  • Added: Maximum packet parts to device info of modems (Linked and Network Cards)
  • Fixed: Drones now properly work with chunkloader upgrades (TheCodex6824)
  • Fixed: Tablets not turning off their screen properly (AmandaCameron)
  • Fixed: Motion Sensor line of sight
  • Misc: Updated various translations
    • Russian (S0ZDATEL, Fingercomp, makkarpov)
    • Traditional Chinese (mymagadsl)
    • German (Nex4rius)

OpenOS fixes/improvements

  • Fixed: Issues with booting OpenOS on very slow servers
  • Added: Allow custom error objects to print to stderr
  • Added: Allow mount points to use existing directories
  • Added: Bind mounts to mount a directory as another directory
  • Fixed: Allow .shrc to use tty stdin
  • Added: Lua REPL input is now parsed with an implicit return (SquidDev)
    • Adding a = in front of the code to explicitly add it still works.
  • Changed: Shell history no longer adds items if they are duplicates (SquidDev)
  • Fixed: CTCP messages in IRC client (Michiyo, skyem123)
  • Fixed: Reverse lookup of keys in Keyboard API
  • Fixed: event.cancel and event.ignore
  • Fixed: Protect lua shell from serialization OOM failure
  • Fixed: Too long without yielding error in /bin/tree (LeshaInc)
  • Misc: Improvements to the vt100 library
  • Misc: Various minor improvements to reduce memory usage

List of contributors

payonel, Vexatos,
S0ZDATEL, Fingercomp, makkarpov,
mymagadsl, Nex4rius, ChristoCoder,
DrummerMC, LeshaInc, SquidDev, Michiyo,
josephcsible, skyem123, TheCodex6824,
AmandaCameron, Pwootage

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