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General guidance for people used to CC

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Hello there. Shall we begin? Okay, good.
Right, first difference between Open Computers and Computer Craft is that Open Computer uses Lua 5.2 whereas Computer Craft uses Lua 5.1.


OC & CC have differences in loading APIs/libraries. In CC you would do:

os.loadAPI( "MyAPI" )

print( MyAPI.version() )
print( os.time() )

Where as OC would be something like:

local MyAPI = require( "MyAPI" )
local os = require( "os" )

print( MyAPI.version() )
print( os.time() )

If you feel that something needs to be added changed then just post a reply ( I am a bit rusty with what CC has to offer these days... )

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In CC you have to write your OS from /startup

In OC you have to write your OS from /init.lua (Assuming you have the default BIOS)


In CC if /disk/startup exists, it gets executed on Computer reboot

In OC if /mnt/[address]/autorun.lua exists, it get executed as soon as the hard drive/floppy gets inserted


In OC if you start an OS from scratch you do not have as many functions as in CC( Refer to this: http://ocdoc.cil.li/tutorial:custom_oses#what_s_available )


In CC pressing CTRL in edit will open a save/exit menu

In OC you need to press CTRL +  S to save and CTRL + W to close

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