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[RELEASE] OpenComputers 1.6.0

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Waitt a minute, i'm not Sangar...
OpenComputers 1.6.0 is out for MC 1.7.10, 1.8.9, 1.9.4 & 1.10.2

The long awaited 1.6.0 update is here!

As always, remember to make a backup of your world before updating.

Download on Curse.


  • Added: Rack mountable floppy disk drive.
  • Added: Ability to interact with some item inventories using the inventory controller.
  • Added: Support for RotaryCraft power (uses same conversion ratio as AE2).
  • Added: Possiblity to define a viewport on GPUs, allowing to copy data from off-screen for performance trickery.
  • Added: Cables will now remember which color they have and can also be dyed by being crafted with a dye.
  • Added: Reenabled IC2 integration on 1.8.9.
  • Added: Possibility to cycle through loot disks by crafting them with a wrench (wrench is not consumed).
  • Added: Device info API. Devices may now provide generic information, queryable via computer.getDeviceInfo().
  • Added: More helpful messages when trying to run a missing program (when possible) via the new computer.getProgramLocations() API.
  • Added: Trading upgrade, allows trading with villagers (Inari-Whitebear).
  • Added: Allow defining custom HTTP request headers (invliD).
  • Added: debug.playSoundAt (gamax92).
  • Added: Parameter to specify AE2 CPU to use when requesting crafting (habnabit).
  • Added: ThaumicEnergistics integration (DrummerMC).
  • Added: Dyeing of hover boots to change light color (Vexatos).
  • Added: Network activity indicator on servers (magik6k).
  • Added: Brazilian Portuguese translation (hws689).
  • Changed: Racks have been revamped. They can now house other things than servers and how things get connected is a lot more flexible now.
  • Changed: Remote terminals are now bound to remote terminal servers which are a new type of rack mountable.
  • Changed: Disk drives now also provide a component allowing to check for floppy presence and ejecting floppies.
  • Changed: Geolyzer scan area can now be customized to be an arbitrary cube instead of only columns. Total volume must not exceed column volume, though.
  • Changed: A couple of recipes. Introduced diamond shards/chips to avoid the massive diamond cost ramping of higher tier items.
  • Changed: New font for screens, unscii, sporting much better readability (asie). If you absolutely detest it even after giving it a fair chance, you can restore the old unifont one using a resource pack.
  • Changed: OpenOS got a major overhaul, in particular term related things, and also a few new built-in programs (payonel). This would deserve a changelog of its own, really...
  • Fixed: Pseudo-hangs when crafting a massive amount of a recipe that produces the same output as it has as input.
  • Fixed: A few GregTech recipes and related issues.
  • Fixed: Userdata handling in LuaJ.
  • Fixed: Power conversion for a couple of mods, oops.
  • Fixed: Performance issues caused by compressing data sent to clients too much.
  • Fixed: Performance issues caused by disk I/O when sending machine descriptor packets to clients (thanks to Player for pointing those two out to me; we need more BTMs).
  • Fixed: Updated LuaJ and fixed a few more bugs in it (gamax92).
  • Fixed: Mystcraft integration (ItsTheKais).
  • Fixed: Updated BC wrench integration.
  • Fixed: Robots being able to suck up certain flowing fluid blocks (effectively a liquid dupe bug).
  • Fixed: Generator eating container items if they weren't taken out in time.
  • Fixed: Disassembling tablets not dropping upgrade containers installed in them.
  • Fixed: Some broken saving logic in 1.8+ due to subtle lifecycle callback order changes.
  • Fixed: Fixed MCUs passing out messages other than network messages.
  • [API] Added: Added sided version of block drivers, deprecated non-sided one.
  • [API] Added: Processors/Memory may now define a provided call budget.
  • [API] Changed: Geolyzer related events due to custom scan area.

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