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Galacticraft Oxygen Tank Supply

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With this program you can have a player interface automatically supply you with oxygen tanks.


Basically this program checks your inventory if you have equal or more than "tankToKeepInInv" tanks in your inventory. When the variable "shouldSmallTanksCount" is set to true it also counts smaller tanks (light & med). If you've less than "tankToKeepInInv" tanks in your inventory, it will transfer tanks to your inventory until you reach "tankToKeepInInv" amount. If you've empty oxygen tanks in your inventory it pulls it out of your inventory, charges it, and put it back in the oxygen supply chest. It will also notify you if the oxygen chest is empty or your inventory is full.


Mods you will need:

- Peripherals++ Mod

- OpenComputers

- Galacticraft


Items you will need:

- Computer

- Player interface (Peripherals++ Mod) [To interface with the players inventory]

- Chatbox (optional disable through enableChatBox = false) (Peripherals++ Mod) [To alarm you about oxygen chest empty or inventory full]

- 2 Adapters [1 for the player interface, 1 for the oxygen supply chest]

- Some cabling

- Hopper [As buffer for the player interface and the oxygen compressor]

- Oxygen compressor & collector [To fill the oxygen tanks]

- Filterable item pipes (transport pipes from bc, itemsducts from thermal expansion, item conduits from EnderIO etc.)

- Chunkloader (Optional but necessary)




(The resonant servo has full oxygen tanks as whitelist filter)


Pastebin source:



I will post some setup pictures shortly.


Attention: This was written in and for Space Astronomy, a modpack available on the FTB Launcher and Curse. It was not tested against any other mod packs! If you encounter any issues please post the modpack / mod combination with it!



Please do not brag about variables names nor sloppy code. This code was done after 10 hours of live streaming. You can suggest improvements but please do not post something like "should've named your vars better" or similar. Thanks!



The part about "stockHotbar" was not tested. So it might not function correctly.

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Pretty cool, I'll check it out later.  One thing I could recommend is having a config setting to disable the chatbox.  That way those would don't use it don't have to edit your functions at all.


Thanks and yes it would be better to have one :). So now just change "enableChatBox" to false :)

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