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  1. I made a visual studio code extension for opencomputers available here: https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=subtixx.opencomputerslua and here: https://github.com/Subtixx/vscode-oclua Images:
  2. I don't know what you mean, but compressors can be easily automated. I did it with EnderIO item conduits with speed downgrade upgrades. I guess it also can work with item ducts and servos (which are set to a stack size of 1).
  3. Thanks and yes it would be better to have one . So now just change "enableChatBox" to false
  4. With this program you can have a player interface automatically supply you with oxygen tanks. Basically this program checks your inventory if you have equal or more than "tankToKeepInInv" tanks in your inventory. When the variable "shouldSmallTanksCount" is set to true it also counts smaller tanks (light & med). If you've less than "tankToKeepInInv" tanks in your inventory, it will transfer tanks to your inventory until you reach "tankToKeepInInv" amount. If you've empty oxygen tanks in your inventory it pulls it out of your inventory, charges it, and put it back in the oxygen supply chest. It will also notify you if the oxygen chest is empty or your inventory is full. Mods you will need: - Peripherals++ Mod - OpenComputers - Galacticraft Items you will need: - Computer - Player interface (Peripherals++ Mod) [To interface with the players inventory] - Chatbox (optional disable through enableChatBox = false) (Peripherals++ Mod) [To alarm you about oxygen chest empty or inventory full] - 2 Adapters [1 for the player interface, 1 for the oxygen supply chest] - Some cabling - Hopper [As buffer for the player interface and the oxygen compressor] - Oxygen compressor & collector [To fill the oxygen tanks] - Filterable item pipes (transport pipes from bc, itemsducts from thermal expansion, item conduits from EnderIO etc.) - Chunkloader (Optional but necessary) Images: (The resonant servo has full oxygen tanks as whitelist filter) Pastebin source: http://pastebin.com/yhpQDaWk I will post some setup pictures shortly. Attention: This was written in and for Space Astronomy, a modpack available on the FTB Launcher and Curse. It was not tested against any other mod packs! If you encounter any issues please post the modpack / mod combination with it! PS: Please do not brag about variables names nor sloppy code. This code was done after 10 hours of live streaming. You can suggest improvements but please do not post something like "should've named your vars better" or similar. Thanks! PS2: The part about "stockHotbar" was not tested. So it might not function correctly.
  5. I don't exactly know what you mean by "modify the config file so that its like the monitor"
  6. I know . Sorry. But I was to excited that it worked.
  7. Easy to expand! You can create "modules" of segmented displays: This is an "API/Library/Program" to display multiple characters on multiple SISD (sixteen-segment display) Setup pictures: Bugs / ToDo: Convert it to an actual library / API Displaying a marqueed "HELLO" text on 9 segmented display causes to display "LLO HE " Marquee text? (scrolling text) Placing more characters than redstone addresses causes the program to "crash" Implement a function / method to use up all 5 sides of the redstone I/O (5 because 6 sides - the side for the cable) 2.1 Easier ability to change sides (Related to 2) Adding non-alphanumeric character will ?(I assume) crash? the program. Changelog: Code: [Thanks to @_CURSOR_ for the bit shifting part!]
  8. Subtixx

    Segment Display

    (I didn't thought about the 255 problem.. Thanks.) Holy cow. xD It works! But.. Same as the tabling. It's so so so so so so so slow..... It takes ~3-4 seconds to display. And with a energy cell that is updating every tick.. It would hogg up displaying. Hmm I'll think about something! thanks EDIT: BLAZING FAST http://i.imgur.com/MofzliT.gifv component = require("component") colors = require("colors") sides = require("sides") rs = component.redstone local segments = { ["0"] = 17663, ["1"] = 12, ["2"] = 34935, ["3"] = 34879, ["4"] = 34956, ["5"] = 37043, ["6"] = 35067, ["7"] = 15, ["8"] = 35071, ["9"] = 35007, ["A"] = 35023, ["B"] = 10815, ["C"] = 243, ["D"] = 8767, ["E"] = 35059, ["F"] = 35011, ["G"] = 2299, ["H"] = 35020, ["I"] = 8755, ["J"] = 124, ["K"] = 38080, ["L"] = 240, ["M"] = 1484, ["N"] = 4556, ["O"] = 255, ["P"] = 35015, ["Q"] = 4351, ["R"] = 39111, ["S"] = 35003, ["T"] = 8707, ["U"] = 252, ["V"] = 17600, ["W"] = 20684, ["X"] = 21760, ["Y"] = 43140, ["Z"] = 17459, } local nullCols = {} for n=0, 15 do nullCols[n] = 0 end rs.setBundledOutput(sides.right, nullCols) function displaySegment(side, value) local setCols = {} for n = 0, 15, 1 do setCols[n] = bit32.band(bit32.rshift(value, n), 0x1) * 255 end rs.setBundledOutput(side, setCols) end function splitSegment(str) if(type(str) == number) then str = tostring(str) end for i = 1, #str do rs.setBundledOutput(sides.right, nullCols) local c = str:sub(i,i) if(c ~= nil) then displaySegment(sides.right, segments[c]) end os.sleep(0.5) end end os.sleep(2) splitSegment("ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ")
  9. Subtixx

    Segment Display

    Nope.. It doesn't even turn on the bundled cable (Individual colors). Honestly I'm at a point where I have no clue anymore. There's no possible (+ fast) solution to display an integer in the computer to a segment display. With fast I mean ye sure. I could do something like 1 = blue on, red on, yellow off etc. but for a RF display (8.000.000 RF) that take ages to code, and ages to display. The segmented display can display values up to 65535 (4 displays as slaves and 1 master). Where this is the logic behind it: white = 1 orange = 2 magenta = 4 light blue = 8 etc. And you can do something like: white on + orange on = 3 But.. I don't seem to know a possible solution to do: 8000000 = light blue, orange, red etc. Because tabling all possible values would be inefficient and dumb. The easiest thing I imagine would be a BCD...
  10. Something like this would be cool (Please do not hate me. It was 2-5 Minute work xD!):
  11. Subtixx

    Segment Display

    Hey, I'm kind of confused. After I coded a little program for Integrated Circuits (A mod) to display Letters on a 7-Segment Display, I've discovered that project red has a SISD (Sixteen segment display). So I search and found this page: http://ftb.gamepedia.com/Segment_Display Which says: So I tried: component.redstone.setBundledOutput(35023) component.redstone.setBundledOutput(sides.right, 35023) component.redstone.setBundledOutput(sides.right, colors.white, 35023) which doesn't work. (1: Invalid side, 2: Invalid color, 3: Turns on the white cable). My "old" code for the 7-segment display worked good. But this is giving me a headache right now.. So I started to look into the source of opencomputers and the integration of projectred, and found... Nothing. Just the integration of the screwdriver. My question: Is there an implementation for this or not? Or does anybody have an idea how to "convert" a decimal like 800000 to unsigned short (1,2,4,8,16....), binary (0010), or any other usable form for Integrated Circuits 7-Segment Display or RedPowers SISD?
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