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  1. Might have errors if so please comment them I might make a gui for it For this, you will need a linked card, tier 3, tier 2 tablet case Step 1 Place a tier 3 computer case step 2 set up the computer step 3 put a linked card and internet card in it step 4 connect the computer to fission controller step 5 type pastebin get FByuRNGd server.lua step 6 type server.lua or do edit /autorun.lua then type os.execute("/home/server.lua") Now for setting up the tablet get an assembler place a tier 2 tablet case in assembler put a linked card and inte
  2. IP: pitek.theunknowngaming.com (Its included in the clients server list by default) Modpack: http://www.curse.com/modpacks/minecraft/240520-pitek-2-0 Modlist & issue tracker: https://github.com/JzJad/PiTek-2.0 Website currently under development: Community Site: http://theunknowngaming.com/ I will add more to this post in the following day or so, to tired right now and going to catch some ZzZ's before work.
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