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  1. That's fair enough, would just be nice to see the reactor temp from the screen but I can live without it Thanks for all your help mate
  2. Hi, Thanks for the detailed response. I have no issues running the shield low, I only panicked as this was my first reactor haha. My shield sits at a constant 9.21ish% which I'm happy with. However, the config I copied was trying to push the reactor to 10,000c which as far as I've read is unsafe but I'm not really experienced with this reactor. I dialed it back to around 8132c for now but if the reactor can indeed run at 10,000c with no issues I can reconfig it again. Your program was flagging up warnings and then danger haha. Sorry, I'm rambling a bit. I'm basically trying to get the most RF out of it I can while maintaining safe levels. As a side not, if you're still maintaining this can I make a feature request if it's not too much trouble? Can you add values to the side bars on the computer screen? I know what they correspond to but it would be nice to have them labelled and show the values rather than just a bar. No worries if not but I had to ask
  3. So I've set this up and I'm not sure if I'm just panicking here but it doesn't seem to be controlling the shield. It just keeps dropping. Let me know what you need to see if i've done something wrong. I basically copied the setup on your guide. Edit: Okay I realise what's happening now I've had time to stop panicking haha. What's the benefit of keeping the shield at ~10%? Can it be maintained at say 50%? I know it will use more power that way and I assume the config I copied (from page 6 or 7 I think) is designed for max RF/t without as much maintenance cost?
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