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  1. PRERELEASE the system came out of beta, and entered prerelease, a convincing request, everyone who is not lazy to test likeOS and liked well, report bugs and errors in the topic, in the bos, too, it is possible, then other people will not have anything to read)) so it's better to get into the subject to understand the scope of PRERELEASE, check the commits: https://github.com/igorkll/likeOS https://github.com/igorkll/liked os chips the shell is separate from the OS kernel, you can put only the kernel and add an autoloading script there, or you can put the liked d
  2. please do not throw the first open computers, the second one is too complicated, and it's not that anymore, release updates for the first one at least once a year and it will be fine, now I'm 15, I dream that when I turn 18, the mod will be globally updated laptops - it should be a simple but expensive device like a tablet, but it can be installed on a block without a dock (spoiler) and used both in hand and on blocks, it can be moved without turning off, it will retain its state even after re-entering the world (which, for a strange reason, the tablet does not know how) dock stati
  3. From what I can tell, the error bubbled up through your require(). For more evdence, the "<" character is not in the file that you linked to on github, sothe only way something could be expected near it is if it appears inside some external piece of code; in this case, the require()ed nReactorGUI.lua. I know that I am responding a few months latter, but If you still have not fixed the error, I would be happy to have a look at the code for you.
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