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Everything posted by GabelaGarlaSrl

  1. Hold on i just reaized The tape is longer than the data on the tape I mean I could use audacity to stretch the audio I replaced the tape with a 2 minute one (the audio is 1:43) and made it check if tape position is equal to the tape's size minus 1 also extended it
  2. So i'm playing around with the cassette tapes and tape drive in computronics and I made a code to loop back audio it keeps returning false while true do if tape_drive.getPosition() > tape_drive.getSize() then print("Tape has ended, rewinding") tape_drive.seek(-tape_drive.getSize()) end print("Sleeping" .. tape_drive.getPosition()) sleep(1) end I'm not using tape_drive.isEnd() because it's not that reliable oh and also code excluding the requires i did add them in my actual code but this is the problematic part
  3. I had 5 dimensions, 2 of them from PlotSquared, I'm making a creative computercraft server, so i found the problem
  4. I got every file needed for the text to speech the problem is the server gets shutdown by JVM because the server idles for 60.00 seconds and I don't know how to prevent that, cause the server is only letting me allocated 4095M, no more than that, I have 8GB of ram and it might be cause the server is limiting how much ram i can allocate Quick note I removed MaryTTS and something else is overloading the server, so nvm i don't need any help
  5. Well, it like always says then is required near end Also i'm playing in 1.12.2
  6. So i was working on a a script that is supposed to make an one way elevator with thut's elevators and opencomputers, but the script errors I want to know what is the problem NOTE: I'm new to opencomputers
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