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  1. Thank you for your answer ! Your workaround with tty windows worked perfectly for me. Just two things to mention : When using this on boot, sometimes when the correct GPU isn't initially bound to the pty, creating a new window without parameters then attaching it to the root process will cause internal errors in tty.lua. So providing parameters to term.internal.open() is mandatory in this case : local w,h = gpu.getResolution() local window = term.internal.open(0,0,w,h) Else the window's width and height will be nil. This isn't a problem when used after boot, directly in the s
  2. Unfortunately this did not solve the problem. It seems that term.bind actually does nothing. If the terminal was bound to the correct GPU during boot, everything will work fine, else it won't. Here's another screenshot illustrating that weird behavior : term.bind doesn't seems to act in any way on which GPU the terminal is bound to. Should I open an issue ?
  3. Hi everyone ! First of all, I should precise that I'm quite new to OC and Lua, but already used to programming in general. What I'm trying to do : I have a basic setup with a computer and a screen attached to it. Another screen (a larger one) is connected via a network cable. Both screens have a keyboard attached to them, and the computer have two graphic cards (one per screen), one is a Tier 3 card and the other a Tier 2. I would like to be able to use the big screen for displaying informations about my power plant, and the smaller one to control the computer (ie. t
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