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  1. Yeah, I decided to make a 1.5, and it worked when I put it in there. What's the point of the Tier 1 if you can't edit files? Is it just to add on to another RAM card in the computer?
  2. I followed everything in the tutorial up to that point. I put in a floppy disk with the OpenOS thing, and then put install in the input
  3. I'm following the official tutorial on writing code, and I can't even get into the editor. The tutorial and the help command in the computer say to use the syntax 'edit <New File Name>' to open the editor, and to make a new file. But when I put in exactly what they say to do (I'm also in /tmp as well) which is 'edit test.lua', all that happens is it goes to the next line without doing anything. I really want to get into this mod too.
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