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  1. i did could u please show me how that's done?
  2. local component = require("component") local excavator = component.ie_excavator local onoff = component.ie_excavator.isActive() local on = component.ie_excavator.setEnabled(true) local excavators = {} local stateIndex = 1 for address in component.list("ie_ex") do excavators[stateIndex]=address print (excavators[stateIndex]) print (onoff) stateIndex = stateIndex+1 excavators.on() end here u go
  3. so I am trying to make a robot use the computronics radar upgrade to seek out mobs within a range central to a waypoint. However I have no clue how to do this any one have ideas?
  4. thanks much guys i really appreciate it
  5. never mind i figured it out
  6. im trying to make a program that launches a defensetech missile but i am inexperienced whats wrong with my code?
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