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  1. zymphony

    Plan9k Errors

    Ha, I never checked the config. Thanks for the tip, that will definitely be used.
  2. zymphony

    Plan9k Errors

    Thanks, good to know. Yeah I was noticing some wonky stuff there. I had assumed this was a finished working project and I had something wrong in my environment. Just out of curiosity though, I have one more question. This one relates to saftey. They way OpenComputers communicates with the internet seems as far from safe as possible if someone were to put it on a server and I would love another opinion. I mean seriously, having anyones actions tied to your server with nothing in terms of logging seems like suicide. What happens if someone starts frequenting pedo sites, tripping honey pots, sending death threats to the president, or any other possible thing you could imagine. Simple urls that use GET requests would be easily abusable, and for the really heinous stuff simply downloading a copy of the main front site with wget would be enough to implicate a server. This seems like a massive security flaw. I was hoping on including this mod on a server but it makes me really uneasy knowing people would have access to the internet. I mean, yeah sure I could disable the internet card but with such heavy reliance on the internet for several major features it seems like I would be gimping the mod pretty hard. What are your thoughts?
  3. zymphony

    Plan9k Errors

    To begin, I am using the latest version available for 1.7.10. I am also attempting to use Plan9k. Right off the bat Plan9k will refuse to install off the internet or update with any online option. This is an issue with the formating of the openprograms.ru repository. I fixed this issue myself by editing the install script to take my own repo.cfg (with the openprograms.ru repo removed) from my own webserver. Things went smoothly after that. Of course this was after hours of me trying to find anything at all on a proper fix or even any info at all regarding this software. Next I tried to get sshd working on one of my servers. I want to add that the sshd worked before but the ssh did not, hence why I was trying to get a newer copy of Plan9k. Of course, now sshd doesn't work either. The error I am getting is in the attached file. So what the hell is going on here? Is Plan9k just not ready/stable for regular use or is something wonky happening that shouldn't be? UPDATE: So I tried installing offline, then doing an update. Everything is good, except I am having the same issue with ssh. Everything goes good, I use ssh <ADDRESS>, then it asks for a password. i enter it and it responds, "AUTHOK", shows the folder my server is in, then drops and says "AUTHORIZE" before I even get a chance to do anything. Is the ssh system just non-functional?
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