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  1. how do I fix it ( I know that's pretty open-ended but I'm stuck) i'll refer you to this thread when Inventory.lua was created
  2. As an Example I wrote a platform builder but if I set the dimensions to big I have to babysit the robot to make sure it doesn't run out of material. I would like to stop the build get resources and pickup where I left off. robot.select(slot) is in a separate file as part of a library of Inventory related functions in-case you wanted to see Edit: I have not Implemented it yet but i was going to try this Edit: platform http://pastebin.com/Bd2rdY87 Inventory http://pastebin.com/euHL9zAz Break http://pastebin.com/CcCTWJ5Z I realize the doLoop wont work but I am getting this error "module 'Inventory' not found no package.preload['Inventory'] /home/lib/Inventory.lua:33: expected <eof> near return
  3. I apologize that was a derp on my part. yes the file is currently named slots. I made a copy named Inventory and forgot to change build.lua slots is still there for now and as a side note Ive never used CC Edit : that worked thank you had to restart the robot to take effect I guess
  4. Nope same error ? you did mean the tArgs correct
  5. I wrote a simple tower building script/program, it works, but then I thought " I'm going to use this code a lot" so I started an Inventory.lua filled with functions no scripting of its own. If I run this I get attempt to index upvalue 'Inventory' (a boolean value) Inventory.lua local robot = require ("robot") slot = 1 function nextFull() if robot.count(slot) == 0 then slot = slot + 1 robot.select(slot) end end build.lua local tArgs = {...} local length = tonumber(tArgs[1]) local width = tonumber(tArgs[2]) local height = tonumber(tArgs[3]) local robot = require ("robot") local Inventory = require ("Inventory") local slot = 1 toggle = true print ("Enter Length for Structure") length = io.read() print ("Width?") width = io.read() print = ("Height?") height = io.read() length = length - 1 width = width - 1 robot.select(1) function block() if toggle == true then for i=2,length do Inventory.nextFull() robot.placeDown() robot.forward() toggle = false end else for j=2,width do Inventory.nextFull() robot.placeDown() robot.forward() toggle = true end end end function row() block() robot.turnRight() end function layer() for k=0,3 do row() end end layer() for l=1,height do robot.up() layer() end robot.turnRight() robot.back() robot.back() robot.select(16) for m=1,height do robot.down() robot.place() end
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