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  1. there is a bigint implementation that I used in cc from a WoW add-on you'll have to google it but its out there in pure lua but it's not the fastest animal if you don't need to perform calculations against the return value convert it to string.
  2. your event listener should not be local since the listener events run in the shells context just like the lua interpreter wrap your local variables/functions in the handler as enclosures you can define them elsewhere and just copy them into the scope of your handler to use as upvalues arg = {...} function eventhandler(event, ...) params = {...} --because upvalues for enclosure methods = {table of your methods} variables = {table of your variables} end --Check tmp under root for a log that depicts any silent errors the program may have encountered during program execution this w
  3. Here's a program to automate the creation of plates in the compressor its intended to be used with AE2 bothered me there was no really good way of automating this other than multiple compressors and full stacks of items to force the correct pattern. Changelog: changed to auto-detect primary database component address Planned Changes: If possible read AE crafting request to determine recipe and handle accordingly instead of via deduction should make setup smaller and more reliable. Picture of setup Diagram with descriptions Robot code improvements can most likely be made feel
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