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  1. So, how are you supposed to have a network with multiple computers connected and where each have their own screen and keyboard? Ofcourse it would be possible to have a switch make the screen and keyboard local, but that does not make any sense for having multiple computers to be able to access the same Raid system for example. Greetz, Sieberik
  2. Hello, I am experiencing some problems using Open Computers. I set up a tier-3 computer connected to a network containing a few other computers and a raid system. When I set up the tier-3 computer I put in an OpenOS disk and enter the install command to copy the OS to the hard drive. The computer works fine and will boot. However, whenever I connect an OC cable to the computer to connect it to the rest of the network (which is pretty small, only a server rack, a raid and one other computer) I cannot reboot the computer. Whenever I do that it seems to get stuck in the init.lua script. It is the original script without any modifications. At some point the script outputs 'Initializing components...'. And that will stay there forever. However, as soon as I disconnect the cable to the network the script will continue and the prompt will appear. Has anyone experienced the same problem and maybe knows a solution to this? Please let me know if any more information is required. Greetz, Sieberik
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