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  1. Hey guys, I'm working on building 2 programs; 1. Allows a user to bind a custom address to the local machine, open a port, listen to it for TCP traffic, await for a TCP event, pulls some information from the event (remote addr, port, etc.), ask if you'd like to send a reply, and if yes, send it then going back to listening, if no, go back to listening. 2. Asks you for the address you'd like to connect with, the port on the destination machine, and then the message you'd like to send, and then awaits a reply from the remote host. One it receives it, it allows you to then reply and alterna
  2. I have been able to get the full addresses using the components program and writing it down, however, my trouble was with finding the abbreviated address that's used. I was hoping to let the user add in those, then the message program would be able to use the abbreviated address of the destination modem to send it there, without having to give everyone the full address, to make things a bit easier. Any ideas on where I can find the abbreviated address?
  3. Hello guys, I saw on the wiki that we could abbreviate addresses, and I was wondering how that was done. I just finished writing a simple program that uses wireless network cards and access points to fire off text messages, which the other computer receives when it uses the listening program I also built, however it requires me to type in the full address of the modem of the receiving computer, and I was wondering if there was a way to shorten that address, or give it a second address that the modem would respond to, to make things a little easier. I saw on the network floppy there
  4. Hey guys! I'm trying to play around with basic network messages and the like (i.e. tell it the port to broadcast on, the message, and the strength desired), and so I created a counterpart listening program to open ports 1-20 and report whether they're functional or non-functional, and then it moves on to waiting for the message. Issue is, when I open the ports up, only ports 20, 10, and 1 actually report being functional, the others all seem to be closed, any ideas? Broadcast program: local component = require("component") local computer = require("computer") if not component.isAvaila
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