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Window Frontend



I've recently gotten back to screwing around with minecraft, and I've had the opportunity to mess around with this mod. Currently I don't know much, my programming experience is limited to a few test programs with C# and a small amount of Python from my high school programming class.

That aside, I'd love to start making some stuff with this mod. Frankly, a window frontend for OpenOS. Something along the lines of Xwindow for linux or the ancient Windows frontend for DOS. Is that possible to do? If you guys could help guide me towards a guide or some tutorials that'd be great!

Thanks for reading, and I hope to make something out of this.

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There are no tutorials of such, but it's definetly possible (MineOS is an operating system that is compatible with OpenOS and has a powerful user interface).

Please read the wiki for more information on the topic.

You'll need to search around the GPU api, as it's the api that allows you to draw on the screen, and get used to signals as it's the only way to get user input.

Hope I helped :)

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