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changing a table to a string


so im trying to use the computronics radar that can provide a table showing the name of any players in the radars range and their distance. i want to then cross reference the names of those people and their distance from the radar to provide a redstone output when certain players are within a set range. i can get the radar to show the table however im not sure how to extract the names and distance data from said table to a string so i can cross reference it. 

below is a really quick example of what i mean. it outputs the data however its in a table format and when i try to print it. it just prints what i assume is the table name


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You cannot print a table like that. To understand how to extract information from tables you really need to wrap your head around how tables store information, and also how to use the "generic for loop", check out the following links in the official Lua handbook, which although gives a good description contains a lot of computer science jargon that only programmers understand:


Both concepts took me quite the amount of time to understand, so in the meantime try to use print(component.radar.getPlayers.name) or print(component.radar.getPlayers.distance). These commands return the values associated to the keys "name" and "distance" respectively, and you can do this with any table entry. Hope this helps! 

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From the screen shot, it actually appears that the `getPlayers()` function is returning an array (a type of table), so while _Jacques is being helpful, the code sample they provided won't work. However, I do highly recommend you read the lua.org links _Jacques provided. Those will definitely be good to read

try this

local component = require("component")
for _, player in ipairs(component.radar.getPlayers()) do
	print(player.name, player.distance)


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