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  1. KoopaTheTurtle

    Image Display Program

    Hello, I've never been able to LUA well (actually i can only HTML well .-.) and im currently doing Bee's in my 1.12.2 run through of Direwolf20. There is a flowchart I have found and would like to put into Minecraft so i dont always need to alt tab. I have T3 PC with all T3 upgrades in (2x 3.5 memory) as well as Internet and Wireless card (can change anything out if need be) Description: I want to have a program that I can import images to and be able to zoom in and out if need be. Function: a zoom in an out button (located on either side) and a way to import images (web links maybe?) Deadline: I'm not too fussed, I would appreciate it as soon as possible. Additional Information: Simply ask me if you have other questions Cheer's, Koopa

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