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[MC 1.9][OC 1.6] OCMIPS - MIPS-I for OpenComputers

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OCMIPS is a mod for OpenComputers which adds a MIPS-I architecture core.


- The CPU itself is mostly complete.

- It's sorely lacking in software, although Lua 5.3.2 runs (or at least used to).

- It's got an ELF bootloader EEPROM.

- I used to be able to boot Lua off a T1 (192KB) stick of RAM when run atop Mocha + libgreen, but I accidentally broke stuff so I still need to fix that.

- The component API currently sucks. Here's a proposal that should help make it suck less for some components.

OCMIPS source: https://github.com/iamgreaser/ocmips

If you want binaries, lurk on #oc and I spit them out from time to time, although this old one might work (link is for a 1.7.10 version; github should have 1.9 stuff).

For building a cross compiler, I use binutils + gcc + newlib.

Feed "--target=mipsel-none-elf" into the configure scripts.

When building gcc, use "make all-gcc" and "sudo make install-gcc" for the first stage, build newlib, and then continue with "make all" and "sudo make install".

"--enable-languages=c,c++" should work fine. Fortran support needs to be whacked with a hammer initially so you may want to skip that unless you really need it. Other langs not tested.

Latest screenshot:


Cache works!

Mod Edit:

Pinned :)

~ Liz

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Would you be willing/able to provide either a copy of the kernel source tree that's been patched, or a binary image of that kernel? Seeing something like this working with OpenComputers is rekindling my interest in using the mod for more than something to build/something to just run a bigreactors control program on.

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