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Unnamed message forwarding

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So uh, I don't have a name for it. I guess it's a little like a UUCP network... I'm open to suggestions


Over the last few days, I've been in the car a lot. And these are like, 3 hour trips. I've decided to measure the amount of code I write in car trips. Anyway, this is what I've been working on. I haven't noticed any bugs, but there is no current functionailty beyond forwarding, there is no security the max message size is just under 8KiB, due to OC limitations (Configurable), and it's kinda loud because I needed debugging messages. Oh yeah, it requires a Computronics tape drive to serve as a buffer for messages.


Okay, so here's the form of the packet:

path is the path of nodes to use, separated by !s, eg. 'derp!boom!bang'
retPath is the path to return a message. It should be a reversed path, but if you wanted you could mess
with it and fake the retPath
name is the name of the message. Could probably be helpful in transferring large files to get around
the 8k limit
user is the user it's addressed to on the final destination. Could probably impliment a user for
requesting information about a node.
message is the actual contents of the message.

The whole thing should be less than 8KiB due to the packet limits so we can't kill smaller computers 

If you want something to happen when it's addressed to a user on your system, modify recvMsg. At the moment, it can forward messages and that's it, I'm gonna work on more stuff soon. I suppose you could also have an inter-server network or a wormhole using the internet cards.


Anyway, here's the code: http://pastebin.com/meECUXwn

It's decently (sarcastically) commented. To set up a node you'll need to change the address (commented)


Here's a name that just occured to me:

Ticking Tile Entity.

I left one of Asie's tapes playing with a broken audio file on it and it crashed my game with that error.

Apparently the tape tried to stop at the wrong microsecond. That's all I know.


Now... What did I forget?

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Interesting. So it's router software with control over the actual route taken, and that doesn't drop packets easily because of the larger buffer? As for a name... since it uses tapes... Tape.NET? :P

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