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ArsTwo - OpenComputers and other mods

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Currently closed as of lack of interest. If anyone likes to play, please comment then I'll reactivate it.

Running OpenComputers and other mods on a high-speed server, including MyTown for world protection.

Download Forge 1.6.4
Download mod-pack
Server: arstwo.de


Welcome to my new server!

OpenComputers is a great mod and someone just has to host it on a fast and reliable server, and I just happened to have one available, so I did. ;)

I added several mods that go well together with OpenComputers, like Project Red, Thermal Expansion, Galacticraft as well as several more, to give you the full experience and possibilites. Also uses MyTown for world protection and as a clan system.

Complete mod list:

Mods that are tagged (client) are optional. You can remove them if you don't like them.

StatusEffectHUD (client) - Shows status effects on the HUD
DamageIndicators (client) - Shows mob/player names and HP
CraftGuide (client) - Lists all reciepes available without being as annoying as NEI
Galacticraft - Fly to the moon any beyond!
GraveStones - When you die your items drop into a grave instead of laying around
Iron Chests - More chest = more storage = MOAR
Light Level Overlay (client) - press F9 and you see the light level of each block
Mapwriter (client) - Minimap and world map
Minefactory Reloaded - Automate all the things!
MyTown - World protection and allows to build towns and invite players to join towns
New Dawn - Alternate world generation
OpenComputers - Build computers and robots and program them to do all the dirty work for you
Project Red - Improved Redstone logic, gates, lights, microblocks, bags, and so much more
Secret Rooms - Blocks that disguise themselves to build secret lairs
Thermal Expansion - Automate all the other things!
TwoTility - Low-tech improvement of functional blocks


  • Don't be an ass. (no griefing, no flaming, no hating, no harrassing, no hacking, nothing illegal)
  • All your contraptions and machines must ensure that the server is not lagging. Admins will remove all that do without compensation! If in doubt: ask.
  • No stealing. World protection will keep most stuff safe, but that doesn't mean a runaway robot is yours.


  • Download Forge and run the installer.
  • Create a new profile in the Minecraft Launcher and make sure to select the installed Forge version and give it its own directory. (Also remember that directory)
  • Run the game once to make sure everything works and to have it create the directories, the exit it.
  • Download and unzip the mod-pack into the directory (as in 2.). This should overwrite the existing mods and configs folder. If not make sure you use the correct directory.
  • Run the game again, select multiplayer, add a new server with address "arstwo.de" and join
  • Say "Hi" and have fun! ;)
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