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if statement two variables


i need to take both numbers from component.gpu.getResolution() and only run a bit of code if they match, but i cannot figure out how to include both numbers

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there are several ways of pulling this off, the most straight forward one is to use 2 variables to store width and height from gpu.getResolution.

local w, h = gpu.getResolution()    --# width and height

if w == 80 and h == 25 then
  c.beep(500, .5)

If you don't want these 2 variables messing with your current scope simply surround the if statement with a do...end block.

  local w, h = gpu.getResolution()    --# w and h don't override any previous variables of the same name
  if w == 80 and h == 25 then
    c.beep(500, .5)
--# here w and h are not visible anymore


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