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Using Mystcraft with OpenComputers



I am trying to develop a program that can look at the details, specifically the name, of linked books from Mystcraft. I saw here that there is active support for it, but I am not sure how I am supposed to wrap the itemstacks from a transposer into something I can parse, so I am able to get the properties I'm looking for.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Disclaimer first, I have never tried to use any of these specific blocks.  That said, I have enjoyed using opencomputers for other things.  From what I can see here, there is a getStackInSlot() function that will let you get an itemstack as a table from a specified inventory slot.  According to documentation for a different component with almost identical purpose and function name, that table should look something like this:

  • damage:number - the current damage value of the item.
  • maxDamage:number - the maximum damage this item can have before it breaks.
  • size:number - the current stack size of the item.
  • maxSize:number - the maximum stack size of this item.
  • id:number - the Minecraft id of the item. Note that this field is only included if insertIdsInConverters=true in the configs, and can vary between servers!
  • name:string - the untranslated item name, which is an internal Minecraft value like oc:item.FloppyDisk
  • label:string - the translated item name
  • hasTag:boolean - whether or not the item has an NBT tag associated with it.

Of corse, it will return nil if there is a problem.  As "name" is the internal name, you probably want to look at "label" for  the name that is displayed in-game.

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