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OCFTP - File transfer system for OpenComputers

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I was searching for a simple system to allow for transferring files between two systems without having them share components, but I couldn't find anything. Thus, I got to work writing my own. I tested this in my data centre for my development world - I like to store all my projects and downloaded programs in a huge archival storage system with many many raids. I think this counts as through enough testing.

I will warn you this is extremely beta! This is my very first working release. I'm already getting ready to work on a second revision. Most of the things wrong with it are stupid mistakes, such as forgetting to check origin ports, the very stupid fixes I used to patch the file transferring protocol (which I didn't need to fix on the server - I was having the client sent to the wrong port) and things like this. If you find any bugs, errors, or improvements, I'd appreciate the help.

The system is split into two main GitHub repositories, the repository for the server and the repository for the client

The user management system is not yet really implemented. The code by default has debug mode enabled, which creates a user named "debug" with the password of "debug". Security will later be added as a priority, but my first goal in this release, was just make it work. This took just about the entire day to program and debug, and I personally find it helpful. I hope you guys do too.

I made a video demo of the software too - again, the quality of the video is about as rough as the code. Link to the YouTube video is right here.

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