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BIOS-Level Bootloader

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Hello there people! I created a BIOS-level bootloader that is based on the original Lua BIOS that implements a bootloader function. You simply press the number of the OS you would like to boot to from the list of recognized filesystems. The reason why I created this is that it is roughly 2,000 bytes shorter than OpenLoader's EEPROM.

There are two versions:

Source version (uncompressed, roughly 2.6k bytes): https://pastebin.com/TZ5qWJXw

Compressed version (compressed, roughly 1.3k bytes): https://pastebin.com/7caZvdiA

To install (compressed version), insert the EEPROM you'd like to flash it to and run:

pastebin get 7caZvdiA bios.lua
flash bios.lua
rm bios.lua

 To install (uncompressed version), insert the EEPROM you'd like to flash it to and run:

pastebin get TZ5qWJXw bios.lua
flash bios.lua
rm bios.lua 

If you have any problems, just reply and I'll attempt to fix it.

[INVALID] means that there is an error in the /init.lua file.

If the drive doesn't show up, that means that /init.lua could not be found on it.

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