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  1. Hi i need help programing my robot I want to automate the miniaturization Field in Compact Claustrophobia i have a 9x9x9 room and a 3x3x3 projector set up i want to use 1 robot with 4 diffrent redstone signals and 4 diffrent crafts i have made it with 1 so far but cant find anywhere online for good tourals so hoping someone on here can help please if you can help i can give more details if need, thanks
  2. Hi I have started to play a minecraft modpack Compact Clustrophobia and i wanted to automate the Multiblock miniatuization items with the Open Computers Robot there are 4 diffrent Recipies i would like to automate i have 4 Refined Storage detectors around the robot and 3 hoppers on each side and i need it so if i have less than a set amount of items then one of the redstone signals will send the robot to collect the 3 items from the hoppers then build the multiblock i have found how to get 1 signal and build 1 type of multiblock but i want 4 diffrent signals and 4 diffrent multiblocks. if
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