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  1. Zacherl

    Terminal Server AND Screen?

    Very much thanks for this detailed answer I'm sure this will get me started.
  2. Zacherl

    Terminal Server AND Screen?

    Nice, thats exactly what I want. My computer runs a program that shows status info on a screen and I want to be able to remotely use the shell on a terminal without interrupting the screen output. Is there by chance any tool (launcher) that automatically redirects the output of programs in a generic way? For ComputerCraft there was the "screen <lua_script> <side>" command to archieve this. I saw the OpenOS "isloated" process/environment architecture, so shouldn't it be possible to override the main gpu/screen just for a single process? Yeah, I already played around with that quite a bit, after I found this thread: The results were ... mhh ... unpredictable Registering the VGPU as primary destroys the terminal output on all screens. Same result for calling "vgpu.setBackground()" or some other random function.
  3. Zacherl

    Terminal Server AND Screen?

    Hello there, I just started looking into OC (did some things with CC before) and saw a YouTube video where a guy was using the Remote Terminal and a screen at the same time (the contents were mirrored). Did this behaviour change? If so, is there any other way to output data to a screen and beeing able to use the shell on a Remote Terminal at the same time? Best regards Zacherl

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