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So, I've written my own menu API in CC, called 'Jenisis' named after what I called my software company on me and a few friends servers, (did quite well actually seeing as how I'm the only one who could code) and I ported it over to OpenComputers and then continued development on this, seeing as how IMO OC is better. Which brings me to my problem. I've been trying to add a feature where the API takes a table full of functions to run whenever an event is triggered, like for receiving modem messages whilst still in the menu's loop. I can't quite get it working and just need some new ideas on how.


Here's the API:

local term = require("term")
local shell = require("shell")
local internet = require("internet")
local keyboard = require("keyboard")
local event = require("event")
local os = require("os")
local component = require("component")
local gpu = component.gpu
jenisis = {}
function jenisis.drawScreen(staticScreen, tableScreen, handlerTable)
  local running = true
  local rkeyp = true
  local cselected = 1
  local num = 1
  local static = true
  local isPrint = true
  local staticNum = 1
  local param = "f"
  while running == true do
    term.setCursor(1, 1)
    rkeyp = true
    isPrint = true
    num = 1
    static = true
    staticNum = 1
    param = "nulll"
    while static == true do
      local line = staticScreen[staticNum]
      if line ~= nil then
        staticNum = staticNum + 1
        static = false
    num = 1
    print(" ")
    while isPrint == true do
      local line = tableScreen[num]
      if line ~= nil and num ~= cselected then
        num = num + 1
      elseif line ~= nil and num == cselected then
        num = num + 1
        isPrint = false
    while rkeyp == true do
      local ev = {event.pull()}
      if ev[1] == "key_down" then
        local key = ev[4]

        if key == 200 then
          cselected = cselected - 1
          if cselected <= 0 then
            cselected = num - 1
          rkeyp = false
        elseif key == 208 then
          cselected = cselected + 1
          if cselected >= num then
            cselected = 1
          rkeyp = false
        elseif key == 28 then
          return cselected
        elseif key == 15 then
          return 999
        for k, v in ipairs(handlerTable) do
          if k == ev[1] then
    rkeyp = false
return jenisis 


And here's the test program:

local jenisis = require("jenisis")
local component = require("component")
local gpu = component.gpu
local os = require("os")

local jnhandletable = {
  touch = function(eventinfo) print("dont touch") end,

local jnmenu = {
  "This is some test stuff", 
  "Dont worry about it", 
  "Seriosuyl thooo"
local jnstatic = {
  "This is a test",

--jenisis.drawScreen(jnstatic, jnmenu, jnhandletable)

for k, v in ipairs(jnhandletable) do
  print(k, v)


This isn't really my preferred way of doing it, I'd prefer something along the lines of:

handleTable = {}

function handleTouch(eventInfo) -- eventInfo is passed to the function by the API. It's the table returned from the actual event.
  -- things that happen when you touch it

handleTable["touch"] = handleTouch

cselected = jenisis.drawScreen(static, menu, handleTable)

Anyways, sorry for the wall of text, and thanks in advance for any help!

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