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[1.7.10] AutoBee - Automate your Forestry bees v1.1 (also works on CC for 1.7.10 and 1.10.2)

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AutoBee is a cross platform OC and CC program that will automatically restart apiaries with new generations for continuous operation.  I look forward to feedback and inspiration on improvements.


Currently supported is Minecraft 1.7.10.  This program will work on 1.10.2 HOWEVER it requires the use of ComputerCraft APIs and the Plethora Peripherals mod.  CC APIs are not enabled by default for OpenComputers on 1.10.2.   More information is available in the readme on Github

To run the installer:

pastebin run W4CW4hYt

To Properly setup the system:




Building the appropriate cluster is easy for OC. It's going to be an adapter attached to a computer with apiaries surrounding the adapter. Chests will be on top of the apiaries.











The reserved slots for the bees in the output chest are to standard (by default).  The last slot is for the princess and secondlast slot is the drone slot.  This is automatically based on the config for chest size.






Github: https://github.com/jetpack-maniac/autobee

Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/nui8dq6a


Future Plans/Features:

  • AE2 integration
  • Smart breeder capable of being told a species goal
  • Output overflow protection


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CNR.  I created a new instance of minecraft with the minimum mods to include the new OC version for 1.7.10 and it runs as expected.  I believe you may have a wrong version of forestry.  That's one of the reasons I created this because the older bee program available here only works on Forestry 3, this works specifically for Forestry 4.

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Ah, the server lacks OpenPeripherals.  It's a ComputerCraft addon that allows computers to interact with object inventories.  In simplest terms, OpenPeripherals is needed for this program to touch anything inside the apiaries.  It can be found here: https://openmods.info/


You need OpenModsLib 0.9.1 and OpenPeripherals All-In-One 7.  The are placed directly into minecraft/mods/ and require no other configuration.

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