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Something about MineOS.

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When you have a OC Beta 1.6 on MC 1.8.9 You can't install MineOS but that work on OpenOS 1.5 .

I solved that problem and little edited the OC .jar file.


...And simply install the MineOS


Link to mineOS:https://oc.cil.li/index.php?/topic/711-mineos-beautiful-gui-to-standard-shell













There is a link to .jar file : https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3E7_SawdD6RT21WU3FZWk9fMms

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Which one is that? If this is the only change that needs to be done, then there's no need to replace the OpenComputers jar file. You could simply install OpenOS from the OC 1.6 floppy, then download the old system file by hand and copy it over the new one. Then people who can't/don't want to replace the mod file can use the fix too, e. g. when playing a modpack or on a server.

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I built my MineOS installation by hand and it works on 1.6...

I can't install MineOS normally because internet is required...

I had to download the repo and copy/rename everything to it's proper directories following the installer's code as instructions.

Totally worth it, and I even redistributed an offline image as contribution to ECS's work.

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