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But.. how do the new servers work!?


So, there is essentially no information to be found about how the new server UI works (not that I can find); and it is considerably different from the functionality of the old UI. Would anyone care to elaborate? I'm running the latest version on minecraft 1.7.10.


Also while I'm here, there's a problem with using the remote terminal for me: I have the terminal server in the rack, as well as a server with a gpu, cpu, memory, wireless network card, openOS installed etc.. When I start the server, nothing appears on the remote terminal, the terminal is linked as the blue light indicates on the terminal server, and I've tried shift-clicking the server I wanted to pair to... the screen of the remote terminal is just blank. The server is definitely starting (as apposed to failing) as well, the light is green and the noises indicate it has gone through the loading sequence.

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Luckily, I know what you mean. You are running 1.6 (we call it dev build since it hasn't officially been released), There should be 4 or 5 colored bars, each representing a side, you click on one of the bars that is alligned with what you are trying to connect and you should get something like this:


-|-   |

 |    |

 |    |

 |    |


Where as the remote terminal, I always used a terminal rack.

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Could someone give a better explanation of this GUI, preferably with some screen shots?  since the Wiki tends to me lacking in user tutorials?


Specifically: why can i draw two lines from each server to the case, does this allow multiple connections per side?


and a personal, possibly related issue: Server 1 has power, but servers 2-4 wont boot, claiming they have no power, is this related?

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