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[Program] 3D Printer, Viewer and Editor


3D Printer Editor and Creator 

Creating 3D object without using codes. Like using the Hologram Editor. Viewing and editing it per layer to display the hologram created. But this 3D Editor and Creator can print the created object easier and without codes which is terrible for most of people who doesn't know how to use commands like me.

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I am also pulling my hair out over the best/easiest way to do this.. 

I have however, done a TON of ground work, so i may as well share it here and hope it helps someone :) I have yet to find my perfect solution still.. but this set of tools definitely has the potential to get the job done..

So far, the available options I have found are:

  • F0x06's OpenComputers 3D Model Designer (WebApp)  f0x's OpenComputers 3D Model Designer (Amazing lightweight javascript web app that updates in real time when you make a change to your script. Probably my current favorite, helps so much! Thanks @F0x06!! You're a god!)
  • 3DPrint.app (MineOS application to design custom blocks in layers, ran directly from OC computer in MC)
    I translated a copy of it to english here: MineOS - 3DPrint.app - Eng-US Patch
  • OPL's Minecraft Model Creator - Decent program, not something I used much though, i prefer something with a little more functionality
    (Even copy/paste/duplicate would have been nice, but it didnt seem to work right for me. Also, not sure if it was just on my end.. but the undo/redo features did absolutely nothing...)

  • MrCrayfish's Model Creator - Very well designed, haven't had enough time to give it any effort but the interface design and controls could not be easier!
  • MagicaVoxel - Visual Voxel Based Model Creator is a very well build designer and comes with a super simple interface and more than enough examples
    Then Use: MagicaVoxel Vox to OC 3DPrinter converter to convert your .vox files afterwards to MC JSON so you can easily import them in game.

  • Converting .Schematic files to 3ds (Possible Solution, I haven't and won't be trying this as I am more interested in creating custom blocks from scratch)
  • NovaSkin has a damn near idiot-proof model/texture designer WepApp
    (7 Mins was enough time to make a 3 custom textured blocks exactly how i wanted them)
    However, even if you find no use for the online designer itself.. The website has one of the most complete and easy to navigate set of models/textures in the style of a massive Repo/Database.

  • And a few others.. "not worth mentioning". However I will be sure to come back and update this post if i find any more "winners" haha. All I have for now!


Good luck and happy modding! 

- [TiC] Detox_GG

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