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Draconic Control - Get everything out of your draconic reactor

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19 minutes ago, Chaoschaot234 said:

Hey @XyFreak,

what was the highest output from this reactor you have reached?

My main problem is that my setups eating up RF like sweet chickens taste (hughe production lines) and this ends up in needing millions of RF.

Any way to get arround +250 million RF out of this reactor? I think that such values should be possible regarding to how dangerous it is.



With the tuned setting on average a max fueld reactor outputs just under 1.7 million RF/t average over its runtime if you include the shutdown phase, netting a total of 1.85319e+13 RF over the course of roughly 7 days. That's a lot of RF. Also you'll get chaos so you can just build... more? If you forego the UI one fully blown server can support like 20 reactors.

The max peak RF/t I've gotten out of the thing without it going boom is just under 3.5 million RF/t. Note that there is a hard-limit in the code restricting the extraction of energy to 1/10th of the maximum saturation. The energy generation rate also has a hard limit at each given fuel percentage (I don't know the numbers off the top of my head but they're suprisingly low) so I don't think we'll get much more out of it.


I just did the math - the MOST a draconic reactor can generate is 3 million RF/t - and it will decide to go boom that exact same tick. That means the 3.5 million RF/t figure is picked from the initial discharge propably... kinda disappointing :( but yeah - 3 million is the hard limit for sustained power gen.

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