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AronusOS - Graphical OS attempt #2

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As I said in my old project, VetaTechOS, i abandoned it to remake it in a new way.

For now it's still not useful to anything, all you can do is grab "forms" around.

I'm currently working on the OS itself, with a login system and plently of other things.

For the ones that are curious how it looks like right now...



I'll work on it but the difference from VetaTechOS will be the fact that i'll never abandon it now.

An prototype version shall be released to directly download the OS from a simple pastebin command.

This OS will only work on tier2+ computers equipped with at least tier2+ graphical card and enough space to contain all the system data.

It also works for tablets, but highly recommended for computers due to high energy costs for drawing all this stuff.


I know that there's already GUI OS's out there (like the awesome MineOS), but this one will focus on simplicity and will be really fast for the user.
For now there's no features yet, only a wide range of GUI options.

Of course you'll be able to make as many programs as you want under this OS and a documentation will be furnished alongside the OS itself.



I lost all my data on the first version of Aronus. I'll be re-writing all the code again (6 months in total of work gone please understand that i can't rewrite that in one week).

Meantime I just want to add that this system will feature an unique threading API capable of running many programs at (almost) once.

The documentation of the API will be alongside of the whole OS including GUI docs.


Please be patient!

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You said you wouldn't abandon this project either. We're going on 9 months now. ...


Sorry I had some serious HDD problems and all of my data was lost, I have to rewrite entire OS, but in the way i'll upgrade it to make it look actually better.


I didn't abandon it like previous one just got that problem and i don't want to annoy people by making abandonned threads on OC.


If you guys like this project and want me to finish it just comment some suggestions that would help me make it better!

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